Curvue Hideaway & Trees, formerly Caron's Christmas Tree Farm was established by Al Caron in 1978. Over the years, Caron's has created the great tradition of roaming the field of trees looking for that perfect Christmas tree. It's an experience that many families would spend a day together doing. Along the way they would warm up by a fire and sip on some hot cider, look for a wreath, other decorations and gifts.

Now, Curvue Hideaway + Trees is owned and operated by Sean and Brittney Malone! Sean and Brittney have a love for the Christmas season, a desire to help families reconnect in a busy world, and have two children themselves, who are a huge help with the tree farm operation. This is a family-focused and family-operated business.

Our hope is to accommodate you and your family with the opportunity to make the timeless tradition of choosing a Christmas Tree an enjoyable part of your Christmas celebration. Come make it a tradition the whole family won't want to miss!

Mission Statement: We are in the business of spreading light and Christmas cheer! Through our services, relationships, and standards we do all to the highest degree as though we are serving God.